Taxpayer Protection Bundle


Save 60 by buying these four books together.

This bundle brings together the most recent editions of four books that are vital reading for those dealing with taxpayer protection issues.

Discovery Assessments - How to Challenge Them, by Keith Gordon, is now well established as the definitive work on this topic, bringing together the principles emerging from more than 100 cases heard by the tribunals and courts.

Schedule 36 Notices - HMRC Information Requests, by Keith Gordon, discusses the powers available to HMRC to request information under Schedule 36 to FA 2008. It explains the extent and limitations of those powers, drawing on the author's practical experience.

Tax Appeals - Law and Practice at the FTT, also by Keith Gordon, is now in its fifth edition, and combines practical and in-depth advice on taking cases to the First-tier Tribunal, again fully illustrated with extensive case law precedents.

Taxpayer Safeguards, by Robin Williamson, who has blazed a trail in this field of taxation. The book is an indispensable guide for all of those involved with detailed negotiations with the tax authorities.

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