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Edition 2nd
Published October 2022
Length ca. 300 pages
Suitable for Partnerships and their professional advisers
Price 85
ISBN 9781912386567

Taxation of Partnerships 2nd Edition


This 2nd edition is planned for October 2022. If you need this book urgently, the previous edition is still available.

Partnership tax issues cut across most of the familiar taxes, but apply them in a particular way. The taxation of partnerships relies on statutory provisions and case law, of course, but is also dependent on HMRC practice and interpretations. This book is a practical guide to the issues arising.

The book addresses all the key taxes income tax, capital gains tax, SDLT, corporation tax. It clearly explains the principles applying to different sorts of partnerships (including LLPs, limited partnerships and partnerships with corporate members) and covers the more complex areas including mergers and demergers, incorporations, administration (including partnership returns) etc., losses, capital allowances, and other practical matters arising. 

Dedicated chapters look at partnerships with an international dimension, at the issues arising when a partner dies, and at pensions and annuities.

"Thoughtfully examines the key provisions that apply to the taxation of partnerships in a clear and understandable way, with plenty of practical examples and useful tips"  Paula Tallon BBS, FCA, CTA (Fellow), ADIT, TEP, writing in the foreword.

"Through clear and elegant writing, and by avoiding academic theory and focusing on what the typical adviser really needs to know, a large amount of ground is covered"  TAXline, October 2020.

Paul Howard BA, FCA, CTA (Fellow) is a director with Dixon Wilson. He was formerly a director with Gabelle LLP, and earlier roles were with Chiltern plc, BDO, Baker Tilly and MacIntyre Hudson.

Contents include

  • What is a partnership?
  • Partnership income
  • Capital allowances
  • Losses
  • Partnership capital gains
  • SDLT and partnerships
  • Loans to participators and partnerships
  • Incorporation
  • Mergers and demergers
  • Annuities and pensions
  • UK partnerships with an international dimension
  • Partnership tax returns
  • Death and partnerships