Edition 4th
Published September 2021
Length 186 pages
Suitable for Tax advisers, Lawyers with internationally mobile clients
Price £75
ISBN 9781912386550

Residence: The Definition in Practice


The statutory residence test (SRT) for individuals is especially relevant for income tax and capital gains tax but the rules also apply in some circumstances for inheritance tax and corporation tax purposes. 

In this fourth edition, now with full coverage of Scottish and Welsh residence issues, Keith Gordon’s usual clear and incisive analysis presents the rules in a form that is at once accessible and practical. This new edition also includes additional references to HMRC guidance and provides full coverage of the numerous Covid-19 variations to the rules.

"Its thoroughness gives the reader the confidence to determine the answer to a client’s residency conundrum." – Taxation

Keith Gordon MA (Oxon), FCA, CTA (Fellow), Barrister practises from Temple Tax Chambers in London. 

Contents of this fourth edition include:

  • Introduction to the statutory residence test (SRT)
  • Overview of the SRT
  • When an individual is always non-resident in the UK
  • When an individual is always resident in the UK
  • The rule in all other cases
  • Defining key concepts
  • Split-year treatment
  • Temporary non-residents
  • Abolition of ordinary residence
  • Transitional matters
  • Scottish taxpayers
  • Welsh taxpayers