Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for books?
All of our online transactions are handled by SagePay, and you can pay by credit or debit card. If you have any problems at all, don’t hesitate to give us a call; we are able to take payment over the phone.

What do you charge for delivery?
UK orders of at least £100 in value automatically qualify for free delivery, and we charge a standard £4 for smaller orders. EU buyers pay £10 per order. RoW cost is £20 per order. Most orders placed by 4pm are dispatched the same day and more than 98% within 24 hours. Where books are sold at standard price, parcels up to 1kg are normally sent by first class Royal Mail. Larger parcels are sent by second class or by courier, depending on weight. If you need a book urgently, call us and we will be as helpful as we can.

Can I try out one of your books?
Yes, this can usually be arranged: please call or email us to discuss details. We will invoice you when we send the book(s) out but will cancel the invoice should you decide to return your order. Before ordering, please check out the relevant pages of our website where you can see a full table of contents, and an extract, for each title we publish.

Are you planning to publish any new titles?
Yes. We are constantly growing our list of specialist tax titles. See our Upcoming Titles pages for details of those that are well on their way to completion. Email to enquire about longer-term publications.

Can I buy your books anywhere else?
We do also sell our books on Amazon, but we offer our best prices and fastest delivery to those buying directly from us (via this website, or by phone or email). Some of the specialist booksellers (e.g. Wildy in London, and Prenax) also supply our books.

Are any discounts available?
Our books are competitively priced, compared with those of larger tax publishers. We do offer various "bundles" where a discount is given for books bought together. Firms with a standing order to buy all our books obtain a further discount. Some accountancy organisations (e.g. the ICPA) have reached an agreement to secure a modest discount for their members. If there are overlapping discounts we give the better of the two, not both! We occasionally have books that have very minor damage to the cover, which we offer at up to 30% off. First come, first served, but feel free to ask.

Do you sell e-books?
At the moment, we only routinely sell electronic content to large, multi-office firms for use on their intranets. Prices are customised for each enquiry, and will be based on the number of users and offices. We are, however, happy to discuss arrangements for smaller firms.

We also have an agreement with Croner-i (formerly CCH) to supply some of our titles in electronic form. See

Can I write for you?
We are always pleased to hear from potential new authors. The key qualities you will need are an in-depth, practical knowledge of at least one area of UK tax, and an ability to share your expertise clearly. We are in principle happy to publish your first book, and will provide all the necessary support, but we will discourage you from writing a book unless you have already had articles published in the professional press. Please contact Ray in the first instance.

Are your books reviewed in the tax press?
Yes, we seek to have reviews for as many of our books as we can, though sadly some journals (e.g. Taxation) and websites (e.g. AccountingWeb) have recently implemented a policy of not reviewing any tax publications.

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