Edition 1st
Published September 2022
Length 339 pages
Suitable for Accountants, Tax Advisers, Investors
Price £80
ISBN 9781912386536

Cryptocurrency and Other Digital Assets


The crypto world is still a relative novelty, Bitcoin having been launched in 2009. It has introduced its own completely new vocabulary, from Airdrops and Blockchains to Stablecoins and Yield Farming.

As the amounts of money at stake have soared, the world’s tax authorities have been playing catch-up. They are working out how to apply centuries-old concepts to the new realities that challenge even such fundamentals as the nature of “property” or “money”.

In this book, the author explores how established principles of UK taxation – e.g. trading or investment, the nature of income, the location of assets, loss reliefs, other reliefs – are properly applied to the fast-moving crypto world.

"A timely and useful book, carefully illuminating the way between a new class of assets and a complex tax system from the pre-digital age." – From the foreword by barrister Adrian Shipwright


- Introduction and key principles
- Taxation of DeFi transactions
- Non-fungible tokens
- Trading activities
- Taxpayers that are not individuals
- Particular tax reliefs
- IHT and estate planning
- Payments in crypto
- Compliance
- Other matters

About the author

Andy Wood trained with Ernst & Young in London and then worked with Grant Thornton in Manchester. He qualified as a Chartered Tax Adviser in 2003 and, shortly afterwards became a member of STEP. Today he is an experienced tax adviser and barrister, and is founder and director of specialist tax advisory firm ETC Tax.